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Songs available for download from this site.


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Young at Heart


About Me

Take Me Home Again

Tougher at the Top

Cancer: Moon Children from The Zodiac Suite

Hello Heartaches

On My Own

We May Never Touch the Sun

The Voyeur

Going Down

If You Go Away - an alternate track

Summertime Blues

Concerto No. 2 for Guitar & Orchestra

Someplace Green

The Wind of Change

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Love Let Me Not Hunger

Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes

Night from “The City"

The Power Bright And Shining

Simple Gifts

One By One

Stay With Me

Bethlehem BC

Thank You For Christmas

The Lovers of December

Rusting in the Rain

Baby It's Cold Outside

The Importance of the Rose

And To Each Season

April People

People On Their Birthdays

Spring Prelude

Many Summers Ago

I've Saved The Summer

The Girls of the Summer (duet with Glenn Yarbrough)

Hard Times Come Again No More - to commemorate the first anniversary of September 11 - featuring Jack Brenton, Michael Cline, Bob Gentry & Rod McKuen

The Carols of Christmas

The Day After Christmas

Life Is Too Short Not To Believe In Santa Clause

Sleep Warm

The Snows of Amsterdam

Without a Worry in the World

We Mustn't Say Goodbye

If I Could Fly

The Beautiful Strangers/Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Santa's Christmas Band

Mister Kelly / Kelly and Me

Birch Trees


The following book is also available for download:

Caught in the Quiet

Follow the link below to download Christmas 2008 greetings from Rod and Ben at Stanyan House:

Christmas 2008 Greetings

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